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Smartwatch Design Gets Better

January 9th, 2014 No comments

The following are some appealing new designs of smartwatches:

(1) New pebble vs old pebble:

(2) New Meta Smartwatches



(3) Cookoo’s analog timepiece


One attractive point of Cookoo’s watch is its battery life time. Cookoo’s reps boast it’s more than a year.

My major concern about smartwatches includes design, battery life, and pricing.  Happy to see these new designs moving in the right direction. Cookoo’s watch battery life is also nice.  I assume it is largely achieved by its minimal functionality.  Eventually, I would think energy harvesting, maybe combined with remote charging, would be the main way to deal with the unpleasant plug-in-to-charge for watch-like wearable.   Pricing, however, is still a big issue. Ultimately, I believe only when the price goes below $50, the market will really start to open up.  Premium services, not the hardware, are the way to make money in the smartwatch space.