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Kimono: a Very Interesting Scraper to APP Concept and Execution

January 17th, 2014 No comments

Kimonolab’s Kimono scraimageper tool is worth to check out if you have any web scraping needs.  It is a visual extractor tool that recognizes patterns in web content and allow you to create cloud hosted scraping tools you want quickly, and you can schedule it to run periodically.  It also has an app builder let you create simple apps based on the generated scraping tools.   

I have written various kind of scraping tools before, this work makes me wonder why I did not go that far. :-)   

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Fast House Prototying/Production using 3D Printing

January 16th, 2014 No comments

The following image explains itself:



Relate report: build a house in 24 hours

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Parrot Sumo: A Smartphone-Controlled Bot with Plenty of Potential

January 9th, 2014 No comments

Parrot is a French Bluetooth company turned drone-maker. It showed off two brand new smartphone-controlled bots at CES 2014.  One is the rolling, jumping Sumo and the other is the MiniDrone, a super small version of its popular AR Drone that flies, rolls and hugs the Jumping Sumoceiling and the walls.

Piloted via Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5GHz with a Smartphone or a tablet, Parrot Jumping Sumo is a new genre of connected robot. “Half robot, half insect”, it is equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which provides fool-proof agility and intuitive piloting. It can roll, turn 90 degrees with speed and astonishing precision – meaning no obstacle is too challenging – and also perform spectacular jumps (up to 80 cm) always landing on its “wheels”!  With an embedded camera, its acrobatic and fast-paced movements are streamed onto the screen of the controlling Smartphone or tablet.

There are various video available on the web now (including Parrot’s website) for you to see it in action. 

From what we see so far, I feel it can be a really good robot development hardware platform if Parrot can open it up for the developer community, and I wish they do.

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January 8th, 2014 No comments’s “Mother” is a white plastic Russian Doll connects to a series of sensors, called cookies, that measure motion and temperature, and will alert you when it notices a change. For instance, if you strapped a cookie to the door where your meds are kept, but one day forgot to open it when you were due, the device could nag you until you remembered — just like your own mother.

Another example is if you strapped a cookie to your door, Mother will send an alert and make a noise every time it’s opened — which is useful when you’re on holiday and worried about unwanted intruders.

The company has cooked up 16 different ways in which the cookies can be used to monitor your home.image

The cookies can be used for up to a year before you have to replace them and you can connect up to 24 at one time — but be warned, buying and replacing those things can be pricey, as it’s $99 for four. The Mother hardware reminds us a little of Eve from Wall-E, although its facial expressions are limited to blinking to show that its connecting to WiFi. It’ll begin shipping between February and March, with one Mother and four cookies retailing for $222.

Personally I think their pricing is problematic. A bit too greedy.  They would be better off to go with a premium service based pricing. also has a free open platform for developers (Currently invitation-only)


September 2nd, 2009 No comments

网络时代造就了一代商业传奇, 早的如YAHOO,EBAY,AMAZON等, 后又有GOOGLE, 阿里巴巴, 腾讯等, 最近又有FACEBOOK,WIKIPEDIA, LINKEDIN,等.  埋没在淘沙大浪中的还有许多如昙花一现的创意亮点。 其中给我留下相当深的印象的是一个最赚钱的单个网页: The Million Dollar Homepage

这个百万美元网页是英国威尔特郡的Alex Tew 在2005年为了筹集他大学教育的钱而构思的。 该页有1000 × 1000像素的网格, 共100万像素。 每个像素售价为1美元。 每10×10 的像素块可以有一个广告连结。 这些像素区块小的购买者可以提供自己图像和链接放在所买的区块上。

该网站2005年8月26日推出后,马上成为互联网的现象和新闻宠儿。 在Alexa的网站流量排名最高达到127左右。 (甚至到2009年5月9日还排在40044)。 2006年1月1日,最后的1,000像素被放在eBay网上拍卖。 在1月11日拍卖结束收入38,100美元。 也就是说该网站在五个月内就卖出了所有像素,从而收入100多万美元。

这个网页的成功在于它的创意。 虽然它的特性是她只能是昙花一现的亮点, 她却也是一最简单的方式抓住的网络广告的一些精髓并成为一个有史以来最赚钱的单个网页。 她是一个相当不错的INTERNET行销的学习案例。  

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